Business Process Outsourcing.

Transform is Margin Reform’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) arm, which aims to provide an agile, efficient and client-focused collateral-managed service in response to the challenges we have seen in the market.

Our experts’ view of the market and the feedback we consistently receive from our clients and partners:

  • Collateral and margin management is more regulated, complex, expensive, and challenging than ever.
  • Operating pressures for the collateral management processing require deep expertise across numerous collateralised asset classes (Cleared, OTC Bilateral, Repo & Securities Finance and ETD).
  • The collateral management process now requires multiple touchpoints with external service providers (Tech, Legal, Custodians and Consultants).
  • There are c.4,000 clients utilising market utilities with >70% using some sort of administrator.
  • Existing BPO providers’ fees are expensive, and the service received across the industry has historically been below par.

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