We provide expert consultancy and training for the "Global Financial Markets".
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As organisations work to grow revenue, reduce costs, and deliver on regulation, business expectations have never been more complex to manage. Our tools and accelerators harnessed with the unique experience of our team, enable Margin Reform to offer end-to-end consultancy solutions to address the business, technology, risk, and transformation challenges in the financial services sector.

We also provide education and training to help you prepare for internal and external factors impacting your business, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in an ever-changing environment.

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Our team of specialists is led by Shaun Murray.
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We are a practitioner-led management consultancy that brings deep and deliberate expertise to the financial services sector's Margin, Collateral and Legal domains. Our consultants help clients to provide strategy, insight, training and delivery across derivatives, repo and securities lending. Our senior industry practitioners and transformative service model reduce the time to market on key revenue ideas and bring clarity to regulatory demands and competitive advantage to your most challenging problems.

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We work with a range of firms and functions in the financial services sector including:

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