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Frank appraisal of service partners
Shaun Murray
May 20, 2020

At Margin Reform, we are proud to partner with ServiceMatrix – the definitive platform for frank appraisal of service partners.

You can view service benchmark reports to pinpoint gaps while also recognising good performance and service enhancements. This combination aligns the interests of all parties, engendering the most effective feedback loop.

Spend your precious time assessing service providers where that effort benefits your firm through clear evaluations rather than empty votes for service provider awards. Everyone is invited to pick their service partner touchpoints – with new ServiceMatrix questionnaires for Collateral Management, Derivatives Clearing, Securities Lending, FX, Cash and Securities Tax joining those for Client Service, Pre-trade/Trading, Middle Office, Fund Services, Securities Services, Proxy Voting & Class Actions, Compliance, and Valuations & Reporting.

What do you need to do?

Please take a few minutes to respond to your chosen ServiceMatrix questionnaire.

By when?

Complete the confidential questionnaire by Friday 12th June for complimentary access (FREE) to the full and detailed report. Your frank feedback will be a valuable contribution in recognising strong performance and enabling service providers to make informed decisions on addressing shortcomings.

Do get in touch with any questions or comments. Please spread the word to your professional network.

Thanks and stay safe.

Shaun Murray

Managing Director, CEO

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