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As organisations work to grow revenue, reduce costs, and deliver on regulation, business expectations have never been more complex to manage.

Our tools and accelerators harnessed with the unique experience of our team, enable Margin Reform to offer end-to-end solutions to address the business, technology, risk, and transformation challenges in the financial services sector.

We provide education and training to help you prepare for internal and external factors impacting your business, ensuring you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in an ever-changing environment.


Founder, (COO)

Chetan is an innovative and entrepreneurial thinker with expertise in reshaping clients' operational frameworks for both Business and Technology. He excels in delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by clients in the dynamic Financial Markets.

When he's not busy at work, Chetan enjoys coaching and playing football, embarking on outdoor adventures with family and friends, or improving his reflexology skills.


Chief Executive Officer

Shaun Murray is the Chief Executive Officer of Margin Reform. Shaun has worked in Financial Markets for over 25 years and has held leadership roles across several organisations and four continents while in Operations, Risk and Front Office.

Shaun is a strategic thinker who excels in solving client problems by bringing solutions and expertise to the ever-evolving Financial Markets. When not at work, Shaun can be found watching Arsenal, where he has had a season ticket for over 30 years, coaching Rugby, walking the dog, or practising his culinary skills.

Experience you can bank on

We are a practitioner-led Management & IT consultancy that brings deep and deliberate expertise to the financial services sector's Margin, Collateral and Legal domains. Our consultants help clients to provide strategy, insight, training and delivery across derivatives, repo and securities lending. Our senior industry practitioners and transformative service model reduce the time to market on key revenue ideas and brings clarity to regulatory demands and competitive advantage to your most challenging problems.

Founder, (COO)
Chief Executive Officer

"I recently completed "An Introduction to Collateral Management", a course offered by Margin Reform. Thank you, Shaun Murray, Chetan Joshi and the team, for putting together a wonderful course which delved into the legal, regulatory, operational and technological aspects of collateral management. I would strongly recommend this to everyone who is interested in the subject. Shaun Murray was very approachable and always welcomed questions - definitely an added bonus!"


"What I found most useful about the training was a better understanding of non-OTC Collateral and the reasons for the ongoing changes in the market"

Aritra Chatterjee
ManagerHerbert Smith Freehills

"I would like to recommend Shaun if you need to know more about CollateralManagement (or Rugby)! As a beginner, I found his course was really comprehensive and Shaun's teaching style is excellent. I particularly liked the mixture of various support materials (videos, articles, panel presentations, etc) which broke up the format nicely.I wasn't expecting it to be so difficult either, but it was good that it was challenging as this forced me to take more time to read around the subject."

Den Leonard
ChairmanTrading Apps

"A full educational course, jam-packed with everything a beginner would need to know! Shaun Murray's knowledge is first class, and you could not ask for a better mentor..."

Insurance Broker

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