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Institute Of Collateral:
Virtual (Online) Event

Master Class in Collateral Management for Derivatives and Securities Finance Transactions

13 - 15 Dec 2023

8:00am - 11:00am (GMT)








2023-12-13 8:00 am
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Who its aimed at

  • Collateral Management professionals (all levels) in Financial Markets.

  • Service providers supporting and selling to Collateral Managers.

  • Support functions in Front Office, Portfolio Management, Sales, Marketing, Treasury, Compliance, Legal, Audit, Technology, Change Management, Operations and Back Office.

  • C-suite wanting to learn more before providing budget and support to Collateral Managers.

  • New entrants looking to work in Financial Markets who want to get to grips with the complexities and nuance of collateral and margin management.

  • Anyone looking to grow and E.L.E.V.A.T.E their career to the next level.

Why you need to attend

  • Learn from Industry Experts: Our     instructors are practitioners who operate in the market today and bring years of real-world expertise to ensure you gain practical insights.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals across Derivatives and Securities Finance and build valuable industry contacts.

  • Career Boost: Enhance your LinkedIN profile, CV / resume and unlock exciting career opportunities in the financial markets sector.

  • OngoingDevelopment: Earn 10 CPD (Continous Professional Development) points from the prestigious CISI for each day of the course.

  • Comprehensive Course Materials: Receive valuable online resources and references.

  • Become an Institute Of Collateral (IOC) LinkedIN group member: Receive discounts to upcoming training courses and events. Be the first to hear news breaking in our industry and be part of a new enterprise-wide collateral management tribe!

About the Course

Receive online pre-course material worth £829 when you sign-up to our 3-day online event.
To access to our popular online course “An Introduction to Collateral Management" (16 hours+test) which provides on completion entitlement to 10 CPD points endorsed by The Chartered Institute for Securities & investment (CISI) - provide email for your free download link
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Are you ready to become an expert in Collateral Management? Join us for a online three-day masterclass training course to equip you with all the essential knowledge and skills needed to excel in Collateral Management in Derivatives and Securities Finance

Day 1

13th December 2023

Background & Framework


8.00am - 11:00am

Welcome: Understand the sessions and quick introductions.

Session 1: What is Collateral Management?
Provide an overview of the derivatives, repo and securities lending markets and their relationship to collateral. We look at the growth trajectory of the OTC and Securities Finance market and see how collateral is entwined into that.


09:30am - 09:40am

Session 2: The Collateral Lifecycle:
Work through some of the providers of services in the market and their roles. We will also explore the life cycle of collateral across the organisation.

Session 3: The Legal Framework:
Examine the legal structures to support derivative and sec fin markets and collateralisation. We will examine netting and enforceability before exploring default and the custodial challenges.

Finish at 11:00am GMT

Day 2

14th December 2023

Operations & Regulations


8.00am - 11:00am

Kick off Day 2: Recap on day 1.

Session 4: Collateral Processing:

We look at how does the collateral machine work.

Session 5: Regulations:
Will explore the many different regulations affecting collateral, the high-level requirements, the short and long-term effects on the industry.


09:30am - 09:40am

Session 6: ETD and Cleared
Delve into different derivatives and their impact on collateral. How the market operates, requirements are for the actors involved.

Discuss potential next steps to E.L.E.V.A.T.E your learning through The Grow & E.L.E.V.A.T.E Method™️.

Finish at 11:00am GMT

Day 3

15th December 2023

Governance & Value Add


8.00am - 11:00am

Kick off Day 3: Recap on day 2.

Session 7: Uncleared Margin Rules:
We will explore this regulation in collateral through 'The Wheel Of Pain Framwork'.

Session 8: The Ecosystem and Optimisation:
We analyse the collateral ecosystem, examining fintech, utilities, optimisation, and the market's future.


09:30am - 09:40am

Session 9: Course Recap on the three days and your Learning.

Online Test: (In own time)

We now ask you to test your learning and receive your feedback.

Online event closes at 11:00 GMT


Years of combined collateral expertise across your training team


CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Points Earned For Completing The Training


of course Participants rate the course content as excellent.


members in the ‘Institute Of Collateral’, a community elevating careers and networks.

Meet the Trainers

"Growth and beyond!"

Chetan Joshi

Founder, COO of Margin Reform

Chetan has held leadership roles in Collateral Operations, Collateral Change and Collateral Technology. He thrives in delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by clients in the dynamic Financial Markets.

"Risk opportunity mindset!"

Shaun Murray

CEO of Margin Reform

Shaun has 30+ years expertise holding leadership roles in Front Office Collateral Optimisation, Risk and Operations. He is a strategic collateral thinker who excels in solving client problems by bringing solutions and expertise to the ever-evolving Financial Markets.

'Frameworks that work!"

Jonathan Adams

Head of Securities Finance Practice at Margin Reform

Jonathan has over 25 years extensive experience in implementing top-tier collateral management, securities finance, OTC derivative margining, and clearing applications. His expertise spans advising on business strategies, frameworks, and regulatory adaptations.

"Dress to Invest!"

Roy Zimmerhansl

Practice lead of Pierpoint Financial Consulting

Roy has 30+ years of Front Office Collateral Trading in Securities Finance where he helps clients increase revenue, assess and manager risk, put in place effective governance including ESG principles.Here is the course details for each day and the different AM & PM sessions

Links (on payment)

1. ZOOM online link for the three days.
2. Download link to pre-course material "An Introduction to Collateral Management" and online test for CISI certification.

Dates & Times

December 13 - 15 (3 Days)
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM