AcadiaSoft and Margin Reform have joined forces to offer a packaged consultancy model that will enable clients to work on all aspects of their margin, collateral and legal issues. The partnership combines technological, regulatory, implementation and ongoing BAU compliance and sustainability challenges.

Managing a portfolio of OTC and ETD products needs powerful tools. Cassini goes beyond margin calculation and enables:

  • IM calculation at any time during the day using ISDA SIMM or CCP models
  • Coverage of exchange traded and OTC derivatives including total return swaps
  • Attribution of margin costs to your portfolios, books, desks or strategies
  • Reduction of net IM by porting trades into clearing
  • Reduction of uncleared IM by transforming portfolios into IMM swaps or swap futures

Cassini services enhance portfolio returns at every point in the daily business cycle. Empower your traders and portfolio managers with pre-trade lifetime cost analysis.

Ensure compliance by observing trade routing rules for execution and clearing. Reduce collateral costs through advanced asset optimisation. Enable your firm to stay under the 50 million IM threshold for UMR.

Margin for cleared and uncleared business is a portfolio lifecycle problem. Choose the Cassini services which suit your firm and move ahead of your competition.

Cassini is an official licensee of the ISDA SIMM model.

DRS is an alternative legal services provider to the financial services sector. Trusted by banks, asset managers, funds and trading firms across the globe, we provide solutions that deliver rapid and efficient negotiation and remediation of document portfolios.

We achieve this by channelling deep industry knowledge and experience through hiring outstanding people, implementing rigorous process and applying state-of-the-art technology. Our clients achieve these results without any capital expenditure or infrastructure costs.

Our team is led by industry practitioners with extensive legal and financial services expertise. We negotiate, amend and analyse contracts, in large scale or in low volumes – delivering high quality, high-value solutions on a ‘business as usual’ or project basis.