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HFM Virtual Symposium Europe virtual event. The New Order of Collateral Management – UMR and the Use of Money Market Funds for IM. Recording from 27th April 2021 @9:40am to 10:15 BST. With our Founder, COO (Chetan Joshi) sharing insights and taking questions.

Uncleared Margin Rules – Q1 2021 Survey Results Overview

Watch our UMR – Q1 2021 survey results overview with Shaun Murray, Chetan Joshi and John Southgate.

Innovation in Collateral

A quick snippet on some of the challenges facing collateral management right now.

Webinar: Initial Margin at Default – How to plan for it?

The past decade of heightened regulatory requirements can be indelibly linked with the marked increase in Initial Margin requirements, for ETD and OTC cleared transactions at CCP’s and more recently for bilateral non-cleared derivatives. In this webinar, we examine the default process for cleared derivatives, the closeout strategies and efficiency of these in combination withRead More

Margin Reform – What differentiates us?

Margin Reform is a boutique challenger management and IT consultancy. We help clients operating in the financial sector to provide strategy, insight and delivery across derivatives, repo and securities lending for the margin, collateral and legal domains.

Margin Reform – Who are we?

Margin Reform is a boutique practitioner-led consultancy that brings deep and deliberate expertise to the Margin, Collateral and Legal domain.

Mission IMpossible Mission Impossible – Breaking the ‘wheel of pain’ into deliverables

Chetan and Ed (Mayer Brown) look at the 9 key steps in the compliance process for Initial Margin