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UMR – Phase 6
6 Aug 2020
Live webinar: It’s automation, not automagic!

With additional time to complete regulations impacting Securities Finance, Settlements and Margin it gives those firms more time to consider how they could automate and streamline their processing to achieve regulatory compliance, reduce operational risk and improve returns on investment into a new online Margin ecosystem. In this conversation style format webinar we have industry experts from DTCC Europe and Pirum Systems in.

Please register to join this webinar on 6 Aug 2020 at:

15:00 to 16:00 GMT
16:00 to 17:00 CEST
10:00 to 11:00 EST

UMR – Phase 6
2 Jul 2020
Live webinar: They’ve extended UMR, again. What can you solve now?

Just in case you missed the emails and posts. We (Margin Reform) would like to invite firms getting pulled into UMR (Uncleared Margin Rules) to join us for a live client-focused webinar on 2nd July at 15:00 to 16:00 GMT.

UMR – Settlement
17 Jun 2020
DTCC Collateral Management Webinar (French)

DTCC Collateral Management Webinar (French) –Recent market volatility brought into focus the critical need for automation in margin call processing. Learn more about how the Uncleared Margin Rules delay is impacting firms and about ways to address these challenges. Listen to Shaun and other speakers from DTCC. Password to watch replay is: CollateralFrench1706

UMR – Phase 6
12 Feb 2020
Bank of America Securities Europe – F&O and OTC clearing roadshows

We are discussing an array of industry-specific UMR and clearing topics for COOs, ops, treasury and trading.

UMR – Initial Margin
3 Jun 2019
Risk.Net – Complying with IM and automating collateral management

Since UMR, collateral has been thrust into the regulatory spotlight and become a priority for firms with OTC derivative portfolios.

UMR – Phase 6
11 Oct 2019
Collateral Management Forum – optimise change and simplify the transition

Collateral management discussions between practitioners and industry experts from the buy & sell side.

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Collateral different lens
6 Jul 2020
Collateral: A Different Lens

In this Initial Margin white paper, we present some of the issues that the EU RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards) offer to those who utilise Money Market Funds (MMF’s). The types of funds that could be used by clients and how some of the solutions available can be accessed, and are likely to operate on a day-to-day basis.

Securities Lending - UMR
2 Apr 2020
Part 2: Routes to the Securities Lending Market

In this article, Sakti Narayan writes about the various routes to the market that should be considered once you have decided to lend. The organisational and portfolio characteristics are significant factors in determining the feasible routes to the lending market.

UMR - Regulation
30 Mar 2020
A regulatory bottleneck?

Chetan Joshi and Shaun Murray discuss how the new regulatory timetable is starting to emerge due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). The recent announcements of a delayed commencement to SFTR (Securities Financing Transactions Regulation) could cause a bottleneck for firms.

UMR - Regulation
26 Mar 2020
ISDA letter – suspension of the current timeline for initial margin

Download the letter that was sent to BCBS and IOSCO (authors of the final framework on Margin Requirements for Non-Centrally Cleared Derivatives – Uncleared Margin Rules).

Securities Lending - UMR
24 Feb 2020
Part 1: Top five things investment managers need to know about securities lending

Sakti Narayan writes about the business of securities lending for investment managers. He addresses the key topics related to the decision making framework.

UMR – Phase 6
6 Jan 2020
2020 At a glance: Trends & industry developments that will shape 2020

Shaun Murray describes why a UMR compliance journey takes 12 months and what you should be doing about it.

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What differentiates us
10 Jul 2020
Margin Reform – What differentiates us?

Margin Reform is a boutique challenger management and IT consultancy. We help clients operating in the financial sector to provide strategy, insight and delivery across derivatives, repo and securities lending for the margin, collateral and legal domains.

who are we
10 Jul 2020
Margin Reform – Who are we?

Margin Reform is a boutique practitioner-led consultancy that brings deep and deliberate expertise to the Margin, Collateral and Legal domain.

UMR – Initial Margin
13 Apr 2019
Mission Impossible – Breaking the ‘wheel of pain’ into deliverables

Chetan and Ed (Mayer Brown) look at the 9 key steps in the compliance process for Initial Margin