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Margin Reform helps clients operating in the financial sector to provide strategy, insight and delivery across derivatives, repo and securities lending for the margin, collateral and legal domains.

Our senior industry practitioners and transformative service model reduces the time to market on key revenue ideas, brings clarity to regulatory demands and competitive advantage to your most challenging problems.

Our expertise
Legacy and out-of-date business practices in a lot of instances have left an underdeveloped and fragmented margin strategy strewn across internal business silos.

All products exchange-traded, cleared and uncleared derivatives, repo and securities lending needs to be led by well-defined business objectives supported by efficient and cost-effective technology.

Risk and operational functions need industry connected systems to support straight-through processing and an environment where governance, controls and regulatory compliance are paramount and understood.


Collateral has changed fundamentally from a credit risk mitigant and operational risk process to a critical segment of business strategy within financial markets and must be viewed as a product in its own right.

Margin Reform will bring clarity to your understanding of all aspects of collateral such as pricing, funding, liquidity, optimisation, operational capacity and risk.

Whether to support business P&L, cost drivers, regulations, or enhancing existing processes and requirements such as Clearing, Initial Margin, Reporting, Custody and Optimization are a necessity.

The contracts supporting collateral and margining inextricably link to the success of day to day operations. Legal data captured at source is critical for efficient pricing, processing, optimisation, settlement and risk management.

The complexity and far-reaching impact of G20 regulatory reforms (Clearing, UMR, SFTR, CSDR & IBOR) have led to a market understanding that data is critical and this requires improved negotiation techniques, smarter technology and increased digitisation.

Margin Reform is at the forefront of these solutions and can help you deliver the required technological and business process models.

Margin reform in numbers

months required to complete a UMR project


revenue opportunity p.a. for every €1bn of lent assets


of €20.6 trillion assets globally have been lent across asset classes*

*At Q3 2019 www.isla.co.uk

Number of data fields required for SFTR compliance


Number of firms expected to be impacted by SFTR


Number of new relationships subject to Phases 5 and 6 of UMR

Compliance with Uncleared Margin Rules
The 'Wheel of Pain' highlights the key steps, risks, issues and pitfalls which need to be addressed
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